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We Have 3 Great Ways For You To Learn

Mini Course


Advanced Worksheet Course

This mini course will walk you, step by step, though the whole worksheet so you can fully rely on your results.

  • Access to the advanced worksheet
  • How to use the calculator to ensure you can rely on your results

  • How to use your results to find your financial freedom target

  • How to, and why you should use this worksheet at least once a year
  • Top 10 mistakes people make (so you can avoid making them yourself)

  • 90 days access so you can review as necessary
  • PRO tips to help you succeed


Comprehensive Course


Smart Banking System Course

Learn at your own pace with our comprehensive online course that shows in detail how to build your Smart Banking System

  • Let us guide you through the worksheet so you can fully rely on your results and make critical changes to your finances
  • You will learn the psychology of saving money so that you can take charge for the rest of your life
  • Break your bad old habits and be the master of your finances from today onward
  • Come back for 90 days and review the course once your Smart Banking System has been up and running for a couple of months
  • We will follow up with you for 4 week after you complete the training to make sure you are Mastering Your Money!
  • Become an affiliate and make money by helping your friends Master Their Money too!
  • 100% money back satisfaction guaranteed

One on One


Professionals and Business Owners

Book in with directly with Stacy to have the system built for you fast100% Guaranteed.

  • Ideal for busy professionals who see the obvious returns on a system that pays for itself in a matter of weeks
  • Perfect for small business owners who want a system that simplifies their business finances
  • Don't guess and hope - have it built fast and perfectly in less than a few hours by one of our experts who have been using the system for years
  • If you're fed up with running out of money and just want the problem fixed, this option is for you
  • We meet on Zoom and fill out the worksheet with you - perfectly.
  • We then build the Smart Banking System into your online banking right there on the Zoom video call
  • You end up with the automated savings system built perfectly, turned on and saving for you while you sleep.
  • We follow up with you for 4 weeks to make sure your system is working to your satisfaction
  • Includes access to the online course
  • Includes becoming an affiliate so you make money by referring your friends or social networks
  • 100% money back satisfaction guaranteed

Corporate, joint ventures and affiliate opportunities

We work with HR departments, like minded communities and online lead sources and offer generous profit share and incentives. 

Our mission is to solve the savings problem for over 1 million Australians in 2020. If you can help us on this journey, get in touch today.