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Go From Confused To Confident With Your Money In Under 60 Minutes!

Live training on Zoom by Stacy N Henderson

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Poor people TRY to save. Rich people use a SYSTEM that saves for them.


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A simple and fun way to organise your money

Lahaina Daudt

"This system made a huge difference to my mindset, bank account, savings account and I can't stress how important this has been for me! You have to start now, no matter where you're currently at."

Dr Kaushik Ram

“After having a session with Stacy and having a hard look at where my money was going, I finally organised my bank accounts and since then I've been able to save a lot more money than I could have imagined before!”

Michele Davies

“I would highly recommend this worksheet to people who already have great money habits as I think it’s very complimentary. Once you are clear on where all your money is going, making the changes to save even more is so much easier!”

Video from the last LIVE event (pre covid)

Helping everyone take a fresh and exciting look at their personal finances, most for the first time ever...


Ready To Master Your Money?


This is a MUST if you are one of these:

#1: Self Employed People With Money Issues

If you are self employed and have let your financials fall into a mess, then this training will give you a simple and powerful system to fix it in under a day.

#2: People Needing to Cut Costs Fast

If your income has changed and you need to cut costs fast, then this is the training for you. Get lazer clarity on your outgoings so you can make rapid changes today.

#3: People Who Have A Big Goal To Save For

If you want to get more out of your life and have always struggled to save, then our system will crack those bad money habits and get you to that goal FAST.

Here's how the training works:

I walk you through a simple three step process that has been proven to work.

Step 1: Complete the Master Your Money Worksheet

Discover the honest truth about your own personal finances with my crowd-built cash flow analysis tool. (You will be offered this tool in the training for free)

Step 2: Set Up Your Automated Smart Banking System

Build the smart system into your existing internet banking. A system that works while you sleep! This game changing system will be revealed in the training!

Step 3: Be Held Accountable With 6 Weeks Of Support

Connect with others on the same financial journey with my weekly online support teams and get 1 on 1 coaching and support directly from me!

What you get when you follow my system:

An Automated Savings System

I'll show you how to build an automated savings system into your existing internet banking software. One that is rich with psychology and hacks that will make you save and win more than ever before!

Control Over Your Spending Habits

My clients always love to tell me that the Master Your Money system has enabled them to not only take control over their spending, but it has also caused them to make more money AND have at least 10% to invest.

Renewed Enthusiasm For Your Life

Let's face it - your money seriously affects almost every area of your life. When you master your money you will develop more belief that you really can have those things you dream of for your future.

Ready To Master Your Money?

Hosted by Stacy N Henderson:
Entrepreneur, Investor, Start Up and Innovation Coach








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