Fix Your Money And Learn How To Survive The Recession In Under 60 Minutes

Without having to read 100 books, join a cult or spend thousands of dollars on advisors or seminars!

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Who is Stacy and what's in the workshop?

Together we will do a powerful process that will change the way you manage your personal finances for the rest of your life.


Time Is Money $$


This workshop is best suited for people who:

💪   Are experiencing financial anxiety and have decided to take action to make things better

💰   Have recently received inheritance money and don't want to accidentally blow it all on silly things

💼   Self employed people who need to split their personal finances from their business finances

➡️   Have recently or are expecting a significant change to their living costs or income level

🚀  Ambitious people who are working hard to save for significant life goals or investments


   It's not for people seeking financial or investment advice, or looking for get rich quick ideas

Lahaina Daudt, Coogee

"This system made a huge difference to my mindset, bank account, savings account and I can't stress how important this has been for me! You have to start now, no matter where you're currently at."


It's FREE and spots are limited!


Alexi and Natha, Sydney

"I set up my banking system and I'm now able to control my spending better. I'm now able to spend my money on the things that matter to me in the long run and resist the temptations of things that don't - which means I can invest much better for my future!"


It's FREE and spots are limited!


Dr Kaushik Ram, Bondi Beach

"After having a session with Stacy and having a hard look at where my money was going, I finally organised my bank accounts and since then I've been able to save a lot more money than I could have imagined before!"


It's FREE and spots are limited!


Why's it free?

  1. My goal is to fix the personal finances of over 1,000,000 Australians by April 2026
  2. The world economy is crumbling around us right now. Good people need this help asap.
  3. The more positive impact I have on people like you, the more you tell your friends and I reach my goal. Simple.
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What is financial wellness?

Financial wellness is having a good state of mind about the ability to manage finances, financial responsibilities, and future financial status.

A Comfortable Life

It means living in a comfortable situation where all your basic needs are covered and other savings for emergencies and long-term financial health are being set aside.

A Calm Approach

It means you can focus on what's important in your life and have better relationships, better health, better sleep and a much happier experience of life in general

An Inspired Future

It means you can save and invest for a better future. You can be excited about your goals and dreams of travel and a life with more choices. It makes you a happier person.

So if the time has come for you to take control of your money...


Then this is your chance to join me and do the basic work you know you've been meaning to do for years.

You'll get lazer sharp detail on your spending habits and you'll see the true impact of the way you are treating your money.

This is not a fluffy workshop that focuses on energy, attraction or other esoteric things you may have heard elsewhere.

It's all about your personal data and facts you can count on to take charge once and for all.

Ready To Master Your Money?

Hosted by Stacy N Henderson:
Financial Wellness Coach








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