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Why you should have your money on a weekly cycle

If you want to feel instantly better about your personal finances, then try this one simple hack.

It's remarkably simple, costs you nothing and could actually save you a ton of stress around your money...

Q. What is this miracle cure?

A. Pay yourself and all of your bills on a weekly cycle!



It's how we set up our clients Smart...

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Unleash the power of your internet banking with these top 3 hacks


If your relationship with your money is one of the most influential relationships in your life.

And the interface between you and your money is your internet banking.

Then the way you do your internet banking is critically important.


So how do you do yours?


Are you a passive user that doesn’t use the incredible...

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How to save more with automation

At POVAR we call it the Smart Banking System - because that's exactly what it is.

It takes the human factor out of the equation and does the stuff you ought to be doing but don't.

Q: Did you ever read through your bank statement and discover that you'd been paying for something that you thought you'd cancelled?

A friend of mine was actually...

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