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Why you should have your money on a weekly cycle

If you want to feel instantly better about your personal finances, then try this one simple hack.

It's remarkably simple, costs you nothing and could actually save you a ton of stress around your money...

Q. What is this miracle cure?

A. Pay yourself and all of your bills on a weekly cycle!



It's how we set up our clients Smart...

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Read these 5 books in this order to master your money

beginners books Sep 18, 2021

This list is for anyone who's decided that they really want to master their money and do the work it takes to make it!

If you don't have an existing reading habit then you'll be happy to know that I've designed this list to be in an order that is easiest to read, and also an order that builds on itself to create a compounding effect of the...

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How I started investing


Investing your savings is one of the most important things you have to do.

But most people seem to have a block around getting started.

They save up some money but they don't lock it away, so eventually they spend it.


Let’s explore why that is and how you can break that horrible save-spend cycle.



I’m an...

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How to begin your money mastery journey

beginners golden rule Jan 17, 2021

The Golden Rule of personal finance is global, thousands of years old, and is in almost every money book ever written.

Do you know what it is?

It's simple, sustainable, specific, spiritual and seems to be accompanied with magic as if by cosmic design.

The Rule: Save 10% of every dollar you receive / earn / make.


It's simple: 


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How to stop being poor

beginners savings Dec 18, 2020

Everyone want's to be wealthy.

But the vast majority stay poor their whole life.

Why is that?

Well I've discovered that there's a small but significant stage to pass to go from poor to wealthy.

And it's not as hard as most people would expect.

So what's the phase?

First you have to stop being poor.

Let me explain.

Living week to week is one...

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