Read these 5 books in this order to master your money

beginners books Sep 18, 2021

This list is for anyone who's decided that they really want to master their money and do the work it takes to make it!

If you don't have an existing reading habit then you'll be happy to know that I've designed this list to be in an order that is easiest to read, and also an order that builds on itself to create a compounding effect of the teachings in each book.

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NOTE: Read in the order I prescribe.

#1. The Richest Man In Babylon

if you don't know what I mean by the golden rule of money, then you've got to start here. It's also a lovely story, so if you currently don't have a good daily reading habit, then this little gem will help to develop that for you too.

Key Takeaway: Always save 10% of your income

It's a story teaches you:

  1. Pay yourself first
  2. Opportunities come to those who do stuff, not to those who sit and wait
  3. Wealth is not a matter of income, it's a matter of what you keep
  4. Be brave enough to seize good opportunities when they are in front of you
  5. Put your money to work. Aim for residual and passive incomes

If you haven't read it, make it your starter book. You can probably finish it in a week.


#2. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Although I read this book over 15 years ago, I still consider it to be one of the most influential books of my life. 

Robert Kiyosaki is still very active in the money scene and nowadays he's involved in all sorts of subject matter. However, this is one of the most popular money books of all time. And for me, it was one of the books that pushed me into becoming self employed and eventually a full time investor.

It's a book about Roberts 2 dads that will teach you:

  1. Focus on buying assets, not liabilities
  2. Know the difference between the two
    1. Asset pays you money
    2. Liability takes your money
  3. How to calculate the relationship between your income, expenses, assets and liabilities
  4. Not to say "I can't afford that" and to say "How can I afford that" in it's place.
  5. The goal is not to work for money, but to have money work for you

It's easy to read and you'll be able to apply most of it pretty quickly.

PS: Follow up with The Cash Flow Quadrant as book number 6. It will follow on nicely after this series of 5.


#3. The One Minute Millionaire

A great book that's presented in a new style: There's a fiction and non fiction book running in tandem.

The main character is put in a tough situation and is mentored by a highly successful woman who pushes her on a journey to make a million dollars in 90 days.

Packed with exciting story lines and great characters on one side of the page - and complimented with the factual explanation on the opposing page, this book teaches you in a fun and very engaging way.

Main learnings include:

  1. How to brainstorm million dollar ideas fast
  2. Creating wealth when starting from zero
  3. Accepting responsibility for your situation and not blaming others
  4. Givers get and how by being nice, nice things happen
  5. Building a team to work with on your great idea
  6. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone - over and over
  7. Using 1 minute habits to build a better mindset and daily routine

So if you're ready to go hard and go fast, then this book is right on for you. It will push you to think way bigger than you currently are, and a whole lot faster too.


#4. Millionaire Next Door

One of my favorite money books by far. It will change the way you see "Rich People" forever. I think the best thing about this book is it will enable you to see through the facade of those people who spend money they don't have to impress people they don't know.

That is by far the biggest money trap there is. So many people live chained to their jobs because they are under that ridiculous spell. read this book and be set free!

Key Takeaway: The money game is offence and defense

Anyway, this epic book will teach you that real millionaires:

  1. Live below their means
  2. Spend twice as much time and effort on financial planning as others
  3. Think that financial freedom is more important than looking rich
  4. Don't get cash gifts from their parents
  5. Most are self employed and 75% consider themselves to be entrepreneurs
  6. Most are in their 50's plus
  7. Have a money stash that if needed, could fund us for 10 years
  8. 80% are college graduates
  9. Invest over 20% of their after tax income every year and make their own investment decisions
  10. Invest for the long term and are not looking for quick buck deals
  11. Buy cars that last and aren't so concerned with the looks
  12. Live frugally and below their means (yep, that's a repeat from #1 because it's double important!)

If you don't live below your means, then this book will really help you to do that. Worth it's weight in gold.


#5. Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind

If you, like me, grew up in a poor family, then I have news for you: Your mind is messed up when it comes to money.

Crap news I know. But T. Harv is here to straighten you out once and for all!

This book is all about you hacking into your beliefs about money, being rich, rich people and all the rest that go on that list. Harv will open up your beliefs and help you to expose all the wrong and broken ideas that you've taken on from your parents, your school, your TV and all the other silly places we accidentally take our learning from.

This book will teach you:

  1. How to upgrade the quality of your thoughts
  2. How to identify the negative beliefs and thoughts that are keeping you poor
  3. That most rich people once were poor, just like you, so you have no real excuse
  4. How to create a bull shit filter to stop the self defeating thoughts from sabotaging your precious mind
  5. The benefits of building a side hustle and how that will massively improve your finances, mindset and the quality of your life.
  6. Rich people hang our with winners. Poor people hang out with losers.
  7. You are a product of your thoughts and environment. (you are a sponge!)
  8. How to manage your finances and keep track of your progress

T. Harv has been teaching money and mindset for decades. He was one of my gurus in my early days and I truly owe a lot of my success to his teachings.

He does get into some weird energy stuff in the book like "Hold your hand on your head and make this affirmation" etc. That's not for me personally, but hey, he totally knows his stuff so do whatever he says I guess ;-)



As always, please let me know how you go.

I love prescribing books for specific problems. I read over an hour a day and have done so for over 15 years now. 

If you have a specific problem in your life and would like the advice of one of the worlds masters in that specific subject, then let me know in the comments below and I'll suggest a book that will suit you perfectly.


Happy reading!


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